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Kathleen Mangiapanello

Kathleen A. Mangiapanello, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
Lecturer, Department of Psychology

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Rowena Li
Coordinator of Special Projects

I have been working on offering teaching hybrid/online workshops for the past few years. Please contact me if you have general questions about the workshop and need pedagogical advice on designing your online courses.

Learning Design & Technology Team

Jean Kelly head shot

Jean Kelly
Instructional Technologist

I have an MLS from the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies at Queens College. My educational background also includes studio art and art therapy. Before studying and working at Queens College, I worked primarily as a graphic designer.

My work at the Center for Teaching & Learning includes promoting the development of hybrid and online courses through a variety of technologies. I’ve contributed to a pilot program in inter-campus course offering using Adobe Connect; the CUNY Hybrid Initiative; and the Center for Teaching & Learning Tech Tips.

How I can help
I strive to inspire confidence in individuals who are nervous about using educational technology. Talk to me about using Zoom or Blackboard Collaborate to flip your classroom.

Rachel Lockerman headshot

Rachel Stern-Lockerman
Instructional Technologist

I have been in the Instructional Technology field for over a decade, focusing on ePortfolios and Google Apps for Education. My academic background was in Psychology and Political Science for my BA, after which I received a MA in Instructional Technology and Media from Columbia, TC. I manage an Instructional Technology team comprised of undergraduate and graduate student technology mentors who assist me on our various instructional projects and initiatives. I collaborate with faculty members to enhance their teaching with technology through workshops and consultations. I research and develop tools to meet faculty needs, train the users, and provide continuing support. Creativity is essential to this process since proprietary tools don’t always meet the unique needs of our faculty. In these instances, I build new tools customized to their needs or work with existing programs to meet their needs. One such example is my team’s work developing a system within Google Apps for individual and department-wide assessment for the Graduate Library School. My colleagues and I assess the efficacy of these programs using quantitative and qualitative means. I thrive in the Queens CTL’s collaborative environment; I enjoy working with others to improve and grow our understanding of pedagogy. I strive to improve and enhance the scholarship of my institution through implementing the most effective pedagogies. Instructional Technology stokes my passion for research and hands on technology implementation. Please feel free to contact me for anything related to enhancing your course with Course Evaluations.

Office Staff

Technology Mentors
Kalisha Negbley, kalisha.negbley@qc.cuny.edu
Joseph Quinones, joseph.quinones@qc.cuny.edu
Jazmyne Ramgadoo, jazmyne.ramgadoo@qc.cuny.edu
Jeenia Zaki, jeenia.zaki@qc.cuny.edu

Administrative Office and Budget Coordinator
Joshua Barnes, joshua.barnes@qc.cuny.edu

Program Coordinator
Andrew Farrell, andrew.farrell@qc.cuny.edu

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