End-of-semester checklist, Fall 2021

The end of the semester is nearly upon us. Here are a few tasks that you may want to take care of in the next few days.

[toggle_box] [toggle_item title=”Migrate your content from the QC G Suite environment to your CUNY Office 365 or CUNY Dropbox account.” active=”false”]Instructions can be found at http://ctl.qc.cuny.edu/transitioning-from-g-suite/[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Resolve Incomplete (INC) grades” active=”false”]For guidance, read the Policy on the Resolution of Incomplete Grades[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Process Scantron sheets” active=”false”]If you have any ungraded Scantron sheets, scan them now following the instructions listed here: http://ctl.qc.cuny.edu/scantron/.[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Submit your grades” active=”false”]

Enter grades into CUNYfirst using one of the methods listed below:

Enter grades using the grade roster

Batch upload grades from your computer

Final Grade Submission Deadline is December 28.

[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Export or archive your Blackboard course” active=”false”]

• If you are teaching the same course in the Spring, and want to avoid uploading the same content, export a Blackboard course package then import it into a blank course shell for the next semester.

• If you want to preserve the course structure and the student performance records, make an archive copy of your fall course.

[/toggle_item] [toggle_item title=”Make your Blackboard course unavailable” active=”false”]

We suggest waiting until the second week of January to do this because students may want to login to view their grades after the end of the semester.

On the Home Page of your course, look for the padlock icon on the upper right. Click on it to lock it. This will make the course unavailable to students. If you don’t have a home page, click on any content area (such as Assignments or Course Information) in the course menu, rather than tools or web links.

animation of closing padlock to make the course unavailable

[/toggle_item] [/toggle_box]

If you have any questions about the above, please email CTLOnline@qc.cuny.edu or visit us during our virtual drop-in hours at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/93005268970, Meeting ID: 930 0526 8970. The schedule through December 23 is Monday and Wednesday 12pm to 3pm and Thursdays 10am to 1pm.

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